Treatment Plans

General Information:

Etiologies of Vulvovaginal Disorders: This section will give you a way to frame your approach to treatment. Ask yourself: Is it fungal? Is it viral or bacterial? Is it a dermatosis? Is it a benign lump, bump, or discharge? Is it related to systemic disease? Is it related to the musculoskeletal system/pelvic floor? Is it purely neuropathic?

Education of the patient and general vulvar care: Prevention and supportive vulvar care concepts apply in all situations and details are found in the patient handouts “General Vulvar Care” and “Guidelines for sex when you are having discomfort or pain” under Education of the Patient.

Overviews: General and specific approaches to treatment are also addressed in Overview of Treatment of Vulvar Skin Disorders and Pruritus and in Overview of Treatment of Vulvovaginal Pain.

Treatment Plan Tables: Detailed treatment plans accompany the texts that describe each disorder, both in the Annotations and in the Atlas. Only the most common disorders are found here and the treatment plans are in abbreviated format for quick reference. If the disease you wish to treat is not listed to the left, look it up through the search function.

Sexually transmitted disease treatments are best found on the CDC website:

Remember: mixed conditions are common and treat accordingly

Lubricants and moisturizers are not the answer most of the time, but information about them is included here for easy reference.