Relatively uncommon in the vulva



Lipoma1 is a relatively common hamartoma (benign, focal malformation of normal tissue) of fatty subcutaneous tissue.




Fat cells with the same morphology as normal fat cells cluster within a connective tissue framework.2

Symptoms and clinical features

The patient notices a mass in the vulva that has grown in size but is usually asymptomatic.

On the labium major, there is a soft, sessile, or pedunculated mass varying in size from 1 cm to several centimeters in diameter.


Very large lesions may be ulcerated.


Diagnosis is clinical and confirmed by biopsy if necessary.

Pathology/Laboratory Findings

On biopsy, mature adipose tissue with a thin fibrous capsule is found.3

Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis includes hemangioma, fibroma, and Bartholin’s cyst.


Excision of the mass is necessary if it is symptomatic.


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