How to use this Atlas

1. Read Dermatological Terminology for information essential to recognizing and diagnosing vulvar and other skin lesions.

2. Click on the predominant morphological description you wish to review. Each condition is illustrated under its most common descriptor (e.g. red papules, white plaques). Where its appearance varies in architectural presentation, color, texture, or integrity of the skin, photos of the same condition will be found in all of their most common descriptive categories.

3. Click on the drop down icon next to each descriptive category to see the list of conditions included there. These will be presented in order of how likely they are to be seen, from most to least common. Photographs that correlate with each condition will be seen on the right side of the screen.

4. Click a photo of particular interest to enlarge it and read the accompanying legend.

5. Select “Click here for complete text” to read the explanatory document on each condition. These include descriptions, differential diagnoses, and treatment plans.

6. To look up a known condition, click on the drop down icon for Atlas Topics A-Z and select the condition you are interested in.